You want intellectual property advice that makes sense to your business.

Furman IP is a full-service intellectual property law and agency firm.  We work with businesses of all sizes to develop and execute IP strategy and plans in Canada and abroad.  As patent and trademark agents we help clients to register and protect their patent and trademark rights, as well as helping you to design and integrate IP value right into the fabric of your business.  By taking the time to understand the business and industries of our clients we deliver the best possible guidance to help maximize innovation capture and value.

You want to maximize the return on innovation in your company.  You want a partner in your IP strategy, who knows your business.  You want Furman IP.



IP Audits & Inventories

Often the first questions which companies have in establishing a baseline understanding of their IP portfolio to build upon is to understand what types of IP assets or obligations they already have. IP audits or inventories can assist in this regard – with the results of an IP audit in hand, companies can assemble the building blocks upon which to develop and evolve their IP strategy, or to gain valuable insight into areas of strength or weakness in an IP plan. We can help in framing and executing the preparation of IP inventories.