You want intellectual property advice that makes sense to your business.

Furman IP is a full-service intellectual property law and agency firm.  We work with businesses of all sizes to develop and execute IP strategy and plans in Canada and abroad.  As patent and trademark agents we help clients to register and protect their patent and trademark rights, as well as helping you to design and integrate IP value right into the fabric of your business.  By taking the time to understand the business and industries of our clients we deliver the best possible guidance to help maximize innovation capture and value.

You want to maximize the return on innovation in your company.  You want a partner in your IP strategy, who knows your business.  You want Furman IP.



Competitive planning

IP is a competitive asset, which is used by companies to enhance their competitive position. One key class of IP strategies which we can help with is competitive IP planning, from positioning your IP portfolio to disrupt competition, through to helping clients in certain circumstances anticipate or design around the IP positions of others in industry as well. From competitive IP inventory and assessment through to freedom to operate and avoidance of third party rights, competitive IP strategy is at the heart of any strong enterprise and IP platform.