Industries Served

  • Exporters

    It is important for exporters to protect their IP rights in markets of interest, and we can assist. Our involvement in the Saskatchewan export community, both as an exporter of services as well as as an advisor to other companies who are exporting their products and services outside our provincial borders, has placed us in a strong position to provide fulsome intellectual property protection and enforcement advice with respect to any jurisdiction around the world.

  • Marketing and Branding

    Marketing and branding professionals, as well as the marketing and branding functions within companies, often require assistance with the clearance of new trademarks or brand maneuvers, and may from time to time as well require help with enforcement, either in their local or foreign markets. Development and execution of protection and enforcement strategies for branding professionals is a category of services which we love to provide.

  • Computer Software

    Companies wishing to develop or exploit computer software, or e-commerce methods and the like, typically find themselves protected by copyright in their software code as well as by the possibility of filing one or more patent applications directed to their methods. We can assist with these efforts, as well as dealing with other related IP issues for software companies including authorship and ownership, and domain name issues.

  • Agricultural and food products

    From the procurement of patents or trademark registrations on the front end of the process, through to enforcement or defense of infringement litigation, we have experience representing clients working in in the agricultural and food industry in the past, both in Canada and around the world. We have experience managing trademark portfolios in the hundreds of different brands around the world for distributed multinational operations and have advised many clients in these industries in the creation or negotiation or enforcement of licensing and distribution agreements, and other contracts touching on IP law.

  • Mining and Oilfield

    We have experience in the strategic planning and execution of intellectual property plans related to mining and resource recovery. In addition to assisting clients in securing patent or other intellectual property protection on their inventions and other intellectual property assets, we also have experience with litigation and enforcement strategies in this industry.

  • Agricultural equipment

    Companies involved in primary agricultural production, as well as those involved in processing or the manufacturing of agricultural equipment all have significant intellectual property needs in their day-to-day business. We have experience working with agricultural companies in the development and execution of patent strategies to protect their IP.