Agricultural and food products

Companies involved in primary agricultural production, as well as those involved in agriculture and food processing have significant intellectual property needs in their day-to-day business.  Our client portfolio includes a number of agricultural manufacturing and distribution companies.  The distribution of agricultural crops or finished products, as well as the distribution of agricultural inputs such as chemicals, seed varieties etc. has given a broad based experience in terms of the types of issues that arise in this context.  Manufacturers and distributors of agricultural products spend resources developing brand awareness and brand affinity in the marketplace.  We have done a vast amount of trademark work in the agricultural and food industry in the past, both in Canada and around the world.  From the procurement of patents or trademark registrations on the front end of the process, through to enforcement or defense of infringement litigation, we have experience representing clients working in this area.  We have experience managing trademark portfolios in the hundreds of different brands around the world for distributed multinational operations.  We also have advised many clients in these industries in the creation or negotiation or enforcement of licensing and distribution agreements, and other contracts touching on IP law.