Marketing and Branding

We have extensive experience assisting companies and service providers in the marketing and branding area.  For example, one key area within which we can assist and which is very important to marketing and branding companies as well as to the marketing and branding functions within commercial businesses is the clearance of trademarks. Before a significant investment of resources and money is made into commercializing a particular brand, it is important to conduct a search to ascertain whether or not there are any clearance or infringement problems in the markets of interest for that trademark on the products or services in question, to minimize the possibility that the brand investment which is made might be defaulted if a move has to later be made to avoid problems in the marketplace.

Another area of interest is assisting clients with various copyright issues which arise from time to time in the creation of creative content including advertising or marketing collateral, websites or the like.  Contracting with third parties for the creation of content is also a concern from time to time, for businesses wanting to ensure that they obtain all of the necessary rights to fully exploit the creative properties created for them by service providers, and/or alternatively it is also important for service providers to understand and properly bargain for the basket of rights which they are expected to deliver up in the completion of their work.

In situations where there is a marketing decision which has gone sideways in terms of brand adoption, it may be necessary to rebrand. We can assist clients to minimize the disruption from a legal perspective in the development of rebranding strategies.

We have significant experience in international and cross-border enforcement protection of brands as well, including advising clients around the development and execution of product line extension or geographic market extension strategies.