IP Strategy

  • Current IP Strategy Insights

  • IP Filing & Maintenance

    Once you have developed a multijurisdictional protection plan for your IP, you need help to execute and maintain those assets. Furman IP can assist you with the filing of protection applications of any required kind anywhere in the world, as well as maintaining patents, trademarks or other IP assets over time.

  • International market expansion

    As companies expand their product lines or enter new geographic markets, it is important to keep an eye on the evolution of your IP practices and portfolio to be sure you maintain the necessary protection for your intellectual assets. Your IP position might even need to be morphed as a position which was clear in one business area might not be available as your business expands.

  • Trademark and brand clearance

    A key diligence step for businesses is to conduct the proper searches and clearance to ascertain any risks or issues associated with new brands they might wish to adopt or select. Brand clearance and related strategic advice is an area of interest in which we have many years of experience and are happy to assist.

  • Product clearance and freedom to operate

    So you have a great idea – what if someone beat you to it? One of the areas in which we often assist businesses is the assessment of freedom to operate or clearance of the manufacture or sale of a particular product or service in a market, to minimize risk of infringement. Freedom to operate clearance can include specific questions about a patent or competitor of interest, or more broad-based technical field searches.

  • IP audits

    Often the first questions which companies have in establishing a baseline understanding of their IP portfolio to build upon is to understand what types of IP assets or obligations they already have. IP audits or inventories can assist in this regard – with the results of an IP audit in hand, companies can assemble the building blocks upon which to develop and evolve their IP strategy, or to gain valuable insight into areas of strength or weakness in an IP plan. We can help in framing and executing the preparation of IP inventories.

  • IP policies

    With a written IP policy framework, companies can spend more time innovating and less time exploiting their IP in an ad hoc manner. IP policies can take various shapes and sizes, from principled high level guidance documents, to detailed innovation policies and workflows.

  • Due diligence

    Buying or selling accompany? Assessing the value or strength of the IP of a competitor? Due diligence activities can include searches to verify ownership or chain of title, freedom to operate, validity of various IP rights, or many other questions.

  • Commercial transactions involving IP

    There are many economic and legal questions involved when companies seek to sell or value their intellectual property rights for other commercial purposes. We can assist with the preparation of various IP due diligence reporting and materials and assist you and your financial advisors with the preparation of valuation or transaction materials – valuation methodologies vary, but regardless of the approach we can assist and partner with you to facilitate the necessary information from a valuation perspective.