IP Filing & Maintenance

Once you have developed a plan for how you are going to proceed with the registration of your various intellectual property assets, in Canada or abroad, we can assist with the implementation of your plan. It may for example have been determined that a particular list of countries where the key markets in which it was desired to seek formal protection for certain IP assets of the company. We can assist with the filing directly in Canada or through our large network of trusted foreign associates abroad, the necessary applications and working those all through the process of registration and registrability before the patent or trademark offices in question. Once your IP rights are registered, using our intellectual property docketing system we will maintain the calendar of forward dates which is required to maintain those rights in force, including attending to their renewal or maintenance from time to time as required.

It is our intention to provide a seamless and single point of contact for the administration and maintenance of your IP portfolio around the world.  With your IP strategy and portfolio plan in hand, we can take the necessary steps to ensure that your brands, patents or other intellectual property assets are always protected and maintained in your markets of interest.