Services Offered

  • Trademarks and domain names

    We provide a full spectrum of trademark and branding consulting and clearance, registration and enforcement services.

  • Patents & industrial designs

    We provide a complete spectrum of services from patentability searches and opinions through the filing of patent applications and the development of other patent related business strategies.

  • Portfolio Management

  • Copyright

    Some businesses will have IP portfolios which consist primarily or exclusively of copyright assets. We are able to provide a wide variety of copyright services, from clearance and registration through licensing and enforcement, to assist in copyright protection and value creation.

  • Trade Secrets & Confidential Information

    We can assist with the creation and enforcement of confidentiality relationships, either internally with employees or vis-a-vis commercial partners and other third parties.

  • Due Diligence

    Due diligence activities can include searches to verify ownership or chain of title, freedom to operate, validity of various IP rights, or many other questions which might contribute to valuation of IP.

  • Licensing and commercial transactions

    We can assist in the drafting or negotiation of license agreements or intellectual property related terms in other commercial agreements. We can also help with the creation or implementation of contract management systems or methodologies in R&D or other IP intensive operations.

  • IP strategy and business advice