Frequently asked copyright questions

  • What is a copyright notice?

    A copyright notice typically includes the© as well as the name of the copyright holder and the year of publication of the work in question. Please contact us if you require assistance with the preparation of a copyright notice for use in your material. It is not necessary to mark your work in Canada with a copyright notice to establish a claimed ownership of the copyright in that work, however marking requirements vary between countries.

  • How long does copyright last?

    The current term of a copyright in Canada is 50 years after the life of the author. There are a small number of exceptions to this general rule. Copyright terms vary in other countries.

  • Do I need to register my copyright?

    In Canada, copyright exists automatically in your work as of the time of its creation. While it is not necessary to register your copyright it is oftentimes desirable from an enforcement perspective since there are additional rights that accrue to the owner of a registered copyright and enforcement actions are simplified to a degree. Registration of your copyright also provides an ability to strengthen and evidence your copyright ownership. If you need help with copyright registration please feel free to contact us.


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